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Designed and hand-built in Italy

The MX-5 NA’s timeless lines benefit from elements that completely transform the car’s appearance: the rigid tonneau cover that almost completely covers the passenger compartment has a sinuous progression and incorporates an aerodynamic fairing that protects the instrumentation.


Tall Brancardo
“Portierino” and Brancardo Alto: technique and aesthetics recall the racing cars of the past


The minimum, with style
Essential interior but without sacrificing the quality of Alcantara upholstery


Aerodynamics meets elegance
Nolder integrated into the rear hood and “hidden” extractor: fluid dynamic efficiency that does not compromise aesthetics.


One car, one driver
One-piece seat, “single-seat” cover, four-point belt. No room for distractions, only for driving



New lines for new flows
The half-moon between the engine hood and single-seat cover is a key element for cooling the engine compartment and blends seamlessly with the design of the car


Lightness and personality
Nothing is left to chance: Alcantara upholstery minimizes interiors weight. Contrast stitching and painted details: everything is custom-made.