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Built with passion

NM concept is a Speedster, a Naked Single-seater:
it takes advantage of the restored and modified chassis of the iconic Mx-5 NA
and boasts the mechanics of the latest generation Mx-5 ND


The Mazda MX-5 NA represents the first “canvas” on which to experiment our vision.

The main goal was to create a car that would provide an exhalting driving experience both on the road and on the track.

The combination of lightweight construction and refined aerodynamics ensures exciting performances and driving sensations capable of putting a smile on the face of the most demanding drivers.

The NM concept retains the technical layout of the original model: it features a 4-cylinder engine in a front-longitudinal position with a rear-wheel drive and a self-locking differential.

The whole car is designed to enhance pure analog driving pleasure.


up to 225 Hp


830 kg

Max Speed

>270 km/h


Rear wheel drive with Limited Slip Differential

Engine: a beating heart full of technology

Mazda Skyactiv G is totally made in light alloy with direct injection technology. The cleanest engine ever mounted on an “MX-5” chassis.

184 hp and a 6-speed transmission capable of exciting, driver and passerby.

Aerodynamics: as fast as the wind

Reduced front section, fairing bottom, and completely redesigned front airflows.

No compromise in performance and no exaggeration in aesthetics.

Frame: restoring and evolving

A completely revised chassis that loses none of the beauty of the past, while achieving the stiffness of the most modern automotive chassis.

The “small door” and the “high sill,” a typical combination of historic racing cars.