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So many ideas, often crazy ones, arise during summer evenings, chatting among friends. So it is that in 2019, a thought, a dream, begins to germinate.

Sometimes it is just a matter of luck; more often it is the will that turns an idea into reality.

Gorgona Cars takes shape thanks to the NM concept, the first product of two friends, conceived over a table, a beer, and made with the care and dedication that only those pursuing an ideal are capable of instilling.

David Galliano

Moving is a necessity; doing it the right way makes it a pleasure.

David Galliano, born in Rome in 1985. Since 2009 CEO of D.A.C. Ltd. (transportation intermediaries), after graduating in automotive engineering he never left the automotive world as a track engineer in several teams on touring cars (TCR, Lamborghini Supertrofeo, VLN etc).

Co-founder of Gorgona Cars, he is responsible for the technical design and dynamics of the vehicle.

Omar Abu-Eideh

“Automobile” is not just an object. It represents technology, identity and style.

Omar Abu Eideh, born in Al Kuwait (KWT) in 1986. He started working as an automotive journalist in 2007 on the Autoblog Italy web portal.

For many years now he has collaborated with major Italian newspapers, such as “Quattroruote”, “La Stampa” and “Il Fatto Quotidiano”.

Within the start-up company Gorgona Cars, he is mainly involved in design and vehicle concept.